About Eric

HeadshotMy name is Eric Walters, I’m recent graduate of Michigan State University, where I earned a Bachelor’s in Journalism. While at MSU, I was lucky to work with award-winning journalists Eric Freedman, Cheryl Pell, Darcy Green and Karl Gude, among others, plus a host of immensely talented students.

My interests lie primarily in the entertainment and culture world and I often ruminate on music, television, video games, comics and technology. I currently work for Paste Magazine, Impact 89FM andĀ Fourth Genre. Previously, I worked for Metro Times, The Williamston Post andĀ from 2011-2014 I ran My Folking Heart, a blog centered on folk music. More about my work experience can be found here.

When not working, I enjoy ingesting as much popular culture as I can, from Jason Isbell’s Southeastern to the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Parks and Recreation to whatever article or book has grasped my attention. I hope to one day beat Spelunky, but at this point the odds aren’t very good.

You can keep up-to-date with whatever I’m doing by following me on Twitter.

Here’s a picture of a super ferocious, awesome polar bear. Because polar bears are the best. Polar Bear Background 3


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