Get Familiar: Noah Gundersen

31 Jan

I first discovered Noah Gundersen through Sons of Anarchy– the television show on FX about a biker gang in California. The show featured Gundersen’s song “Family,” off the EP of the same name. With dark, rich, tones and an evocative voice, “Family” immediately caught my attention. Despite my initial likening, though, I didn’t truly fall in love with Gundersen’s music until just recently, when I discovered a video series, The Ballard Sessions, in which he is prominently featured. In these videos, shot in the same style as Vincent Moon’s “Take Away Shows,” Gundersen’s rawness is thrown at you in full force and it’s powerful. Watching every word flow through his body is captivating, and impossible to take your eyes off of. The videos also highlight the wonderful harmonies with his sister, Abby Gundersen, whom he plays the majority of his shows with. Only just beginning, Gundersen is a bright star that the folk world needs to keep its eye on.

Be sure to check out Noah Gundersen on his website and Facebook!

Recommended Songs: “Family,” “Boathouse,” “Caroline,” “Liberator”

“Boathouse” from The Ballard Sessions.

“Family” also from The Ballard Sessions.

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